Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sources: Report: BYU Joined Big 12 Last Week

Multiple sources have told that an unconfirmed rumor of BYU having already joined the Big 12 was reported by an internet site you've never heard of.  

According to the report, high level sources with knowledge of the situation at BYU have told the neighbor of a guy that just started a blog that BYU actually joined the Big 12 last week, but held off the announcement, so it could be made during General Conference Priesthood session this weekend.  Church leaders wanted to make sure that Catholic communities were not offended by the brief one-year stint in the WCC, so they will publicly promise more women's soccer games against Notre Dame as an olive branch.  "We want to show respect to other religions," one church leader was overheard saying in the Church office elevator heading to a high floor.

By announcing this in an official church meeting, officials hope to sway active LDS members who are fans of other universities to shift their loyalties to the church-sponsored university.  To provide incentives for the reluctant, the church will offer a 1% rebate on tithing donations if a member can show proof that they brought a non-member to a BYU sporting event.

This report coincides with a report at that flights occurred between Dallas (home of the Big 12 offices) and Salt Lake City airports.  Salt Lake City airport officials did confirm that multiple flights from Dallas to Salt Lake occurred in the last couple of weeks.

We will continue to monitor this situation and will bring you details as they become available.

In other developments, an anonymous government official has confirmed that the Internet has officially stopped being a reliable source of any real news.

( If you got to this point and are still wondering if this is real or are ready to send a flame email to  Just an attempt to bring some humor to a ridiculous situation where unsourced rumors based on supposed sources about BYU and the Big 12 run rampant on the internet. Laugh and enjoy Conference weekend.  You never know what they might say in Priesthood Session...  :-) )