Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why the Big 12 invited TCU over BYU

With the news that the Big 12 invited TCU, instead of BYU, many fans are asking 'why'?  Some accuse BYU of "turning down" an offer, or at least holding too strongly to certain demands.  While there may be some truth to those rumors, analysis shows TCU was a better fit.  Here's why:

Location:  TCU is located in the heart of the Big 12.  Literally.  It's 20 miles from the Big 12 headquarters.  TCU is within 200 miles of Oklahoma, Texas, and Baylor.  In fact, TCU is located exactly 187 miles from both Oklahoma and Texas.  Dead center between the two Red River Rivals.  Serious, check it out.  I know, weird.  The proximity allows for regional rivalries to flourish.  Located a couple minutes from DFW airport, TCU is a very easy travel destination for all Big 12 conference teams in all sports.    

Conference Competition: With TCU previously going to the Big East, the Big East was going to get a foothold in Dallas, which gives them fans, mind share and media access right in the middle of the Big 12, in the biggest media market in Texas, and the 5th largest in the nation.  This would be on top of letting the SEC into Texas with the "acquisition" of Texas A&M.  If for no other reason, inviting TCU was a very good defensive move for the Big 12.

Availability: The Big 12 needed a 10th team for the 2012 season, since Texas A&M was leaving so fast.  There were only two teams that could change for the 2012 season: BYU or TCU.  They couldn't get a Big East team, because the Big East requires a 27-month notification before exiting.  Most other conferences require at least a 12-month notification.  TCU just happened to be in transition from the Mountain West conference to the Big East and so it could change direction halfway down the road.  BYU, of course, doesn't have a conference exit restriction, but read on...

Ease of Negotiations: Or better said, "no baggage".  Let's face it, BYU has a lot of baggage.  You may agree with the reasons for the baggage, but that doesn't make it easy on a new conference.  No Sunday play, Conference weekend scheduling, own TV station to deal with, own TV contract with ESPN to figure out how to merge in, tons of future contracted games that would need to be cancelled or rescheduled, and a mission beyond education and football.  TCU doesn't have baggage.  They are willing to come in and do whatever the conference says.

Football Program: We all know that conference expansion is about football.  Forget that TCU has a pathetic basketball team.  TCU has been one of the most successful football teams in recent years.  Since 2000, they have won more games than all but 5 teams (Boise St., Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio St., USC, Florida).  They have gone to two straight BCS bowl games, winning the Rose Bowl last year.  The Big 12 now has 3 of the top 6 winningest programs in the last decade.

When you look at these factors, TCU was an easy choice for the Big 12 at this time...even if it hurts us BYU fans.

Will BYU eventually get an invite to the Big 12?  Should it even want one?  I'll explore that in the next post.

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  1. Well put. I still certainly hope we get an invite to the Big 12. It would make for much better games throughout the season... even if we got beat up on for the first couple of years.

  2. Whoever you are, the writer, covered the Big 12's arssh quite well. But he/she didn't answer the non answered questions about whether BYU has been invited to the Big 12/10 or not. Neither did heshe address the despicable situation that BYU has gotten itself into.Where is the home for several of the BYU Olympic sports? How is it that BYU is in three leagues, the WCC, the league for men's volleyball, and the WAC for some sports and independence for football. Isn't this a ridiculous situation for a school with great traditions and many conference championships in many sports. BYU looks like orphans that nobody wants. Was it really worth it for "exposure?" I think not.

  3. Although i am a big BYU fan, it is becoming increasingly clear we are living on our past glory. Lets get this straight, TCU has now been invited to 2 BCS conferences and we are still waiting on our first invite. (On a side note, TCU is putting over $100 million into a stadium renovation and we haven't updated ours since 81'.) SDSU, Air Force and others are actively marketing themselves in the forum of public opinion (where by the way, lets don't get ourselves, so many of these decisions are made) and we instead have zero comment. I know its the BYU way to not comment and mostly this serves us well but here our silence adds to the perception that we are either aloof or that we simply don't care. Not saying we have to play all our cards in public but a little bit of showing that we want to be invited goes a long ways on the PR front with the press and in gaining public momentum for an invite.

    This opportunity is about to sail (if it hasn't already) and we will be on the shore watching if we're not careful. Oh well, at least we can watch grainy reruns of byu v. smu on our own network and remember those glory days.

  4. Is TCU is a legitimate addition to the Big XII? In football, yes. However, it has been widely discussed that nobody wanted another Texas school in the Big XII...except Oklahoma State booster and Expansion Committee member, T. Boone Pickens. TCU got in for political reasons, nothing more.